About Us

Founded By Processors, For Processors

Yellowstone Extraction Co. was founded by a small team of toll processors working on a contract with a medical cannabis grow in 2015. A low budget meant there wasn’t resources for equipment such as chillers and rotary evaporators. This, paired with obvious gaps in available technology, drove our team to invent innovative and economical solutions which would decrease our operating costs and maximize our margins. In 2018 we decided to bring our innovative designs to extractors everywhere, with a mission to increase efficiencies wherever possible. With this in mind we launched our flagship product line, the FFE Series in late 2019.

Continuous Innovation

We know that processors are always looking for a competitive advantage. This is why we never stop innovating. In our 7500 sq ft. R&D facility we are constantly working on our next inventions. We will continue to offer processors high quality solutions for each stage of the extraction and refining process which will save money, time, and resources.

Above & Beyond

No two labs are the same. Because of this we ensure a thorough & thoughtful approach from purchasing to installation of Yellowstone equipment. We not only want to give you the utmost confidence in choosing the best fit for your lab but also want to help you through the entire process to make the installation a safe, compliant, experience to get you up & running with ease.